January 31, 2011

„Rehabilitation on the Roof of the World"

We are a group of students, all members of a students association
“Manual Therapy and Modern Methods
of Rehabilitation”.  Marian Majchrzycki PhD,
our tutor, during his visit in Nepal has established contact with
the University Hospital in Katmandu.
Back then in his mind germinated the idea of coming back there with a group of his students.

It was our tutor’s passionate way of talking about his journey
that aroused in us the desire to spread the idea of rehabilitation in this distant country,
where access to physiotherapy is very limited.

That is how we started our project- „Rehabilitation on the Roof of the World”.
And should you know, it engaged us heavily!

The journey will give us the possibility of comparing methods of rehabilitation
used by Nepali physiotherapists with the ones we have learned during our studies.
We are planning to meet physiotherapists of Nepal Physiotherapy Association
with whom we hope to  share experience of working with patients.
We also want to learn specific techniques that are used in Nepal e.g. Nepali Massage.

We will go on this journey with Karolina who despite being on a wheelchair is very adventuresome and not afraid of facing this challenge!

 We will be heading to Nepal in March!

We also want to get to know Nepali culture:

Our potential patients ;)